Radio Birdsong
Radio Birdsong, now on your computer
Radio Birdsong

Radio Birdsong: Now you can listen on-line

Welcome to the real Radio Birdsong website.

Made famous by Classic FM and DAB digital radio in the UK, Radio Birdsong has been heard and enjoyed by millions.  Listen to the world famous birdsong on your PC here and pre-order the original recording as a CD or file for your I-Pod or MP3 player.

News Update

Thank you for all the emails received since Radio Birdsong was removed form DAB radio in the UK.  These have come from all over the world since.  The story of this unique broadcast has been reported by press, TV and radio stations in Canada, America, Russia, Europe and appeared in all the national newspapers in the UK.  To see and hear some of this coverage, click on the Radio Birdsong News page. 

Original recordings of Radio Birdsong will be available very shortly as both a CD and download. If you have already emailed to pre-register we will be in touch as soon as the recordings have been issued.  Please remember, you will be receiving the original and authentic birdsong recording, not a copycat sound of a few birds.  The original Radio Birdsong is a carefully recorded 'soundscape' of British birds and country sounds that have been keeping listeners happy since 1992. 

If you would like to pre-register for the CD or MP3 download, please email us here.

Meanwhile, you can continue to enjoy the unique and calming experience of Radio Birdsong on-line at home, in the office, in your shop or waiting room and bring the countryside to life.  The on-line Radio Birdsong is uninterrupted, there are no messages or voices popping up, just beautiful, constant birdsong.  

We do not run the DAB network that had been broadcasting Radio Birdsong, however, if you wish to contact the company direct click here for their contact details.

Just relax - it's Radio Birdsong!

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